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I Confess! (A Mission Statement of sorts)

I have a confession to make.

I read Buzzfeed daily.

I take the quizzes.

I can’t help but read the clickbait articles.

Buzzfeed performs a service in a way that few other sites have—it informs and entertains in a media-specific, intelligent way. Even better, Buzzfeed creates a hunger for more information and better information. They’re the smart friend you love to hang out with because they love to share without showing least most of the time.

So I have no compunction in citing Buzzfeed as an inspiration of sorts for ScottsGotStories.

ScottsGotStories may be a pitching site for my content and overall storytelling abilities first, but with my blog the aim is to create a Buzzfeed of sorts for adults of a certain type, where younger folks are more than welcome. The site and its affiliates will reflect the experiences, insights and opinions of their creator (and my co-creators, in many cases) in the hopes of entertaining and informing in a unique, personalized and truthful way.

If possible I want my visitors to learn from my mistakes, improve upon my successes and find ways to their own creative fulfillment.

You may not find any stories about the Kardashians or quizzes about what combination of Marvel Superhero and Muppet you are, but you should find plenty of compassionate nerdiness, inside baseball from the entertainment industry and occasional volleys between overly optimistic opinion and roughly wrought personal thoughts.

If nothing else, after all these years, Scott’s got stories.

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