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5 Thoughts About...LIFEFORCE

(not a review)

Here’s the IMDb description:

A race of space vampires arrives in London and infects the populace, beginning an apocalyptic descent into chaos.

Boy, Steve Railsback sure had quite a few good years as a movie star considering he’s kinda ugly-handsome at best (which works for dudes like Jack Palance) and only okay as an actor.

Odd and cool that the “Space Force” here is the European Space Agency (?) which allowed great, relatively unknown Brits in the cast, including a younger Patrick Stewart (who looks like an older Patrick Stewart) and Frank Finlay (one of many fantastic performers in Richard Lester’s THE THREE MUSKETEERS).

So the bad guys end up being naked, beautiful humans. They create themselves in the minds of those they want to make slaves of…slaves of love. I must say that Mathilda May is pretty much as perfect as I could imagine and bless her for being able to do the naked thing through the entirety of her part. The one thing I remember about this movie from when I saw it as a young man was that there was a naked woman in it. My guess is that I had forgotten how much nudity was in it because I was so embarrassed to enjoy it so much. Times have changed! Also, the movie would have been much cooler if we saw the aliens in their original forms more…

...Giant Man Bats!

You gotta wonder about how the director of the seminal POLTERGEIST would go on to make some of the messiest genre films imaginable. It seems as if another director was in charge. Hmmmm.

If for no other reason, Patrick Stewart fans (at least other than a solid, over-the-top cameo) watch the film for our man’s first on screen kiss!

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