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Scott C. Sala

Is 25% Dead Inside

His Disney Princess Self  is Jasmine

His Greek God Self is Zeus

His Candy Bar Self is a Kit Kat 

And According to What He Prefers in a Stir Fry Meal his Best Personality Trait is his Sense of Humor.

Thanks, Buzzfeed!

The truth is I've been writing, directing, producing and even acting in every form of media for 25 years plus.  And then the world shifted.

Now I (finally) choose to work only on the projects that interest me. I dedicate myself to helping the content creators  I believe in.  If you're interested in a pitch, or collaboration, or a helping hand, let me know. If not, go ahead and check out the Blog, which is meant to hopefully give you a laugh or two and maybe inspire you to do your own thing .

Right now.

Featured Project

Why Do You Hold Her Hand?

An Autism Story for Children

A young boy named Logan wants to find out more about his autistic friend, Jessica. With the help of Jessica and her father, Logan learns to see the world through the eyes of a child with autism.


This is the fun stuff.
Check out the descriptions.
Look for more soon.


In the post-apocalypse, media can be murder.


with co-creator and lead artist  Jeremy  Labib

After the Terrorist Wars, the remaining world governments declare war on the independent news media.  But the new "enemies of the people" are the only ones willing to tell the truth about the strange new worlds nuclear devastation created.


God grant me the serenity to solve a series of murders...


(in partnership with Hooty Hoo Productions)

Men are dying in a sober living home. Well, dying more than usual. The new resident suspects foul play, but who in the hell is smart enough in this place to make it seem like a series of accidents?


What to watch - whether you like it or not.

The Grumpy Old Dude

A lot of fun. A lot of strange. A lot of love. And a hell of a sexy voice.


Parents can only do so much for their children...they just refuse to believe that.


(in partnership with Hooty Hoo Productions)

Flowers explores how difficult it is for parents to accept that their child may never have the opportunity to live a "normal" life...and the lengths they'll go to provide one.


A Dramedy...sometimes a Drag.

West Hollywood Adjacent

In the 90's, West Hollywood was clean, charming and unlike anywhere else...and earthquakes, riots and AIDS couldn't spoil the party...even for one guy who really didn't belong there.


Access This, Hollywood!

New Entertainment Wow!!!

It's the endlessly exciting world of reporting on the greatest stars in Hollywood!...when they sorta really can't stand you.  New Entertainment Wow!!! covers the (lightly fictionalized) history of the entertainment news industry - through the eyes of people who only care about "what's hot."


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